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KRONOS - Monitoring Database System 

Today's quality requirements in underground construction demand the efficient administration and documentation of all essential data. The immediate availability and clear visualization and presentation of data are the premises for delivering high quality projects of different scales. 

However, it is not only the collection of monitoring data that is of particular importance: all related project data from building condition surveys to data and reports from geological and geophysical site investigations are available in KRONOS and turn KRONOS into a powerful project management tool. 

Clients and contractors of some of the most outstanding infrastructure projects rely on the functionality and features of KRONOS and use it as a monitoring database system and a valuable source of project information. 



KRONOS provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows a quick and easy interpretation and visualization of a large amount of instrumentation and survey data in relation to construction progress info from many different sources. Regardless of the scale of the project - KRONOS will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring works.

The storage of all construction-related data like excavation progress or machine data from TBMs help understand the monitoring results and are essential to perform a high-quality monitoring program.



  • Well-proven performance record in small, medium and even in ultra-large projects 

  • Modular design enables customized applications for project or customer-specific tasks

  • Automatic data acquisition with open interfaces for import and export of data 

  • Comprehensive reporting and alarming functions 

  • Accessible from anywhere via the internet 

  • KRONOS Training Program - KQP



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