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Due to Cityringen Metro project launch SMT Denmark was founded in 2011 as a joint venture of ANGERMEIER INGENIEURE GmbH (Germany) and GEODATA GROUP (Austria).

Within the scope of Cityringen project SMT was responsible for geotechnical measurements and monitoring of terrain surface, buildings and construction elements.

Based on our parent companies, we are able to offer extensive expert knowledge, specialized equipment, well-trained specialists and highly developed IT solutions.

Consulting Engineers for Civil Engineering and Surveying

ANGERMEIER INGENIEURE GmbH is a leading engineering company in the area of civil engineering. Our core competences lie in all types of geodetic survey for the construction of rail tracks, tunnels, motorways and different types of structural construction.

In addition to other fields of work, we specialize in manual deformation measurements and automatic structural monitoring systems. For this purpose, we use the internet to distribute the results to user groups worldwide.

Another unique feature of ANGERMEIER INGENIEURE GmbH is its more than 30 years of experience in slab track survey. Particularly in the construction of slab tracks for high speed trains or urban metro lines, we are working with several clients and systems all over the world.

ANGERMEIER INGENIEURE GmbH is part of the team for executing construction works and supervising construction work. Thanks to our extensive experience, our highest technological standards and our flexible, well-trained and highly motivated team, we are able to offer globally customized solutions for the realization of your project.

Since the establishment of ANGERMEIER INGENIEURE GmbH in 1974, our main focus has been the application and development of the latest technologies in surveying. Consequently, we have been developing measuring systems for surveying civil structures in order to meet the specific needs of our customers for more than 20 years. Our success is reflected in our products such as CATS, TIGER, GEDO or observer.

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Monitoring I Surveying & Guidance I Information Technology

The GEODATA Group is an innovative and highly specialized supplier of integrated, IT-based solutions and services related to monitoring, surveying and machine guidance for underground construction. As an independent company with extensive experience, GEODATA supports private and public clients in the sustainable improvement of their quality, safety, reliability and profitability.

Through the targeted use of powerful technologies, we capture environmental, physical, geometric and spatial data and their variation over time, efficiently transform them into meaningful and directly applicable information and create best-of-class information systems to ensure that they are visualized and distributed in a user-friendly and timely manner.


GEODATA concentrates on selected areas of application:

  • Infrastructure like subways, roads and railways, hydro-power stations, tunneling and underground construction

  • Areas of ground movement, landslides and slope protections

  • Geotechnical measurements, automated monitoring systems, information management and alarm systems

  • Machine guidance for TBM and roadheader(s)

  • Mining

  • Plant construction and industry

More than 25 years of expertise in underground construction

Today, GEODATA is a global leader in the field of geotechnical measurements and all surveying and monitoring tasks required for underground construction and at the surface. More than 250 successfully completed projects on 5 continents are proof of our expertise in this field. The company offers flexible and customer-oriented solutions as a system supplier, service provider and consultant. Through our experience with international projects of all magnitudes, we can offer our clients fast and appropriate services to solve their specific problems.

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Roskildevej 342 K

DK - 2630 Taastrup

+ 45 51645626


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