3D Monitoring

Automatic optical 3D displacement measurements performed by high-precision automatic total stations (ATS) are an indispensable observation method for monitoring tunnels and engineering constructions such as buildings, protections of banks and slopes, embankments and dams and also natural features such as unstable slopes, etc. Applications range from measurements during the construction phase up to long-term supervision. The possibility of observing critical objects online due to using automatic measuring systems has particular advantages:


  • No interference with ongoing construction progress

  • Continuous data acquisition with high frequency (24/7)

  • High level of automation and precision

  • Results can be displayed numerically and graphically

  • Automatic alert and alarm messages

  • Risk minimization (construction in existing contexts)

  • Cost reduction

Components of an Automatic 3D Monitoring System


Cityringen Copenhagen
Monitoring of existing buildings and structures during construction of new metro line (15 km / 21 stations and shafts)
  • up to 100 ATS for 5 years
  • Contractor: CMT - Cityringen Metro Team
Cityringen / Branch-off to Nordhavnen
Monitoring of existing buildings and railway lines during construction of new metro line (1,8 km / 1 station / 1 shaft)
  • up to 6 ATS for 3 years
  • Contractor: MetNord IS
CRSH5 Transfer Tunnel Ny Ellebjerg
Monitoring of existing station and tracks during passanger tunnel construction
  • Contractor: Per Aarsleff
Transfer Tunnel Kongens Nytorv
 Monitoring of existing buildings and structures during construction
  • Contractor: NCC
Transfer Tunnel Østerport
 Monitoring of existing buildings and structures during construction
  • Contractor: Züblin
Rampen Næstved
 Monitoring of existing tracks during new bridge construction
  • Contractor: MTHojgaard
 Monitoring of newly built heating tunnel under the harbor canal in 
 Copenhagen during construction (320 m)
  • Contractor: NCC/SMET
MOE, Søborg
 Monitoring of existing tracks during construction works and ground water lowering
  • Contractor: JFP

Multi-station Network

If required, multiple total stations can be combined in a network to monitor widely dispersed areas. In this case, the data from individual measuring stations are transmitted to a central server via (radio) LAN or ISDN and administered in a database.

Data acquisition (on-site)

Central evaluation computer




E-mail, SMS

Alert & alarm messages

Access to results


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